Monday, 12 June 2017

Mega Mondays Highlights - June 12th 2017

Cartoon Network UK Mega Mondays Returns 5th June

Mega Mondays are back, with new episodes and specials every week. This week's highlights are:

Image result for Uncle GrandpaAt 4pm, Uncle Grandpa is back, but their RV gets a flat tyre on the day of the big race! So Uncle Grandpa fills in, but winds up enjoying life as a tyre in "Uncle Grandpa Retires!"

Cartoon Network UK Regular Show In Space Starts Tomorrow
Mordecai and Rigby continue their adventures with brand-new "Regular Show In Space" at 4:30pm! Benson tries to cure his depression by getting some French Fries in "Fries Night", then the gang help Pops overcome his nightmares in "The Dream Warrior"!

There's a DC superhero movie every week at 5pm. Lex Luthor forms his own army of super-powered villains to take on DC's greatest heroes in this week's feature, Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! And then at 6:30pm, Batman has to solve the mystery of the Justice League disappearing in Batman: Be-Leaguered!

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